Boomtown Self Portrait.png

L. Fury has been making comics since 2015, but has been doing art professionally long before that. She earned a BFA in Animation in 2010, worked on some indie games right out of college as a concept artist and animator, and then spent a couple of years working in a small studio, eventually working her way up to Art Director.

Now, she draws and writes out of her home studio in Houston, TX. Her comics and illustrations are inspired by Moebius, Studio Ghibli, retro anime, and pulp sci-fi. Her cartooning is inspired (however unintentionally) by the hours of early 2000’s Nick Toons she watched as a preteen.

She just wrapped up the first issue of Double Barrel Shogun and is currently developing her own graphic novel, Condemned. Every once in a while, she still updates her moderately successful webcomic, Bastard Comics.

Although L. Fury is primarily looking for comic and cover art work, she would really really like to make a set of animated stickers for Instagram/Facebook Messenger.

To work with L. Fury, contact her here.