Boomtown Self Portrait.png

Lauren has been making comics under the pseudonym L. Fury since 2015. Before that, she earned a BFA in Animation, worked on some indie games, and spent a couple of years as an Art Director in a small studio.

Her comics and illustrations are inspired by Moebius, Studio Ghibli, retro anime, and pulp sci-fi. Her cartooning is inspired (however unintentionally) by the hours of early 2000’s Nick Toons she watched as a preteen.

Right now, she is wrapping up a 20-page comic called Double Barrel Shogun and developing her own long form comic, Condemned. Every once in a while, she still updates her moderately successful webcomic.

Though L. Fury is primarily looking for comic and cover art work, she would really really like to make a set of animated stickers for Instagram/Facebook Messenger.

To work with L. Fury, contact her here.